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Nevada County voters will determine fate of Measure V on Nov. 8

This fall Nevada County voters will determine the fate of Measure V, a wildfire prevention, emergency services and disaster readiness measure.

“Measure V responds to appeals from Nevada County residents for community-wide solutions to better protect their families, homes, and businesses,” Nevada County’s informational site on the ballot measure states.

“If passed by the voters, Measure V would generate approximately $12 million annually through a half-cent sales tax for critical emergency services and other general government services. A 1/2% sales tax would add 50 cents to a $100 purchase, and the tax would not be applied to food purchased as groceries or prescription medications.

“All revenue,” the site continues, “would be locally controlled with funds that cannot be taken by the state. This general sales tax would end after 10 years.”

According to The Union newspaper, an official argument in favor of Measure V was submitted and authored by former Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Terry McAteer, and was signed by several community leaders, including retired Truckee Fire Chief Bill Seline and Nevada County Supervisor Ed Scofield.

“Current funding is inadequate to tasks at hand,” the argument reads, in part. “These locals funds will be placed in a separate account that can’t be seized by the state. Tourists pay their fair share, so it isn’t only on residents.

“Our community is at risk. A ‘yes’ vote on Measure V will reduce the threat of wildfire.”

The Union also reported a group of community leaders who submitted an argument Measure V includes Supervisor Dan Miller and Robert Ingram of the Nevada County Planning Commission.

“Measure V will increase taxes, and Nevada County will not be better prepared to prevent or fight fires,” the group’s argument reads. “This measure will dramatically increase the cost of everything sold in Nevada County. Measure V is the wrong tax, in the wrong way, at the wrong time.”

According to, an informational presentation on Measure V, as well as Nevada City’s Measure W (the Historic Neighborhoods District Initiative) will be hosted by the League of Women Voters of Nevada County at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3 at the Rood Center, 950 Maidu Ave., Nevada City.

Visit for more information on Measure V. Visit for more information on the Nov. 8 election.

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