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Probate – Inheritance

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    Whether you inherited a property or are facing the prospect or probability of Probate, please know that the Betsy Hamilton Team extends our heartfelt condolences if you have lost a loved one. We will endeavor to make your real estate transaction as easy as possible in a supportive and caring way.

    Because we have a Certified Probate and Trust Specialist on our team of professionals, we are uniquely suited to help you navigate the intricacies of selling a property that has been inherited, with or without a Trust to protect it from the Probate process. Here are a few of the ways we make your real estate experience better:

    ◦ Our team is well-established, highly regarded full-service team of professionals. In addition to a Probate and Trust Specialist, several buyers and listing agents plus clerical staff, we are always ready to serve and accommodate any needs, inquiry, legal communication and every showing of the property.

    ◦ If you need a referral to an attorney well versed in inheritance and/or Probate, we can assist you with that by giving you access to our short list of trusted local legal professionals.

    ◦ We have a cultivated list of a variety of vendors that will become very important in receiving the most money for the property. By obtaining trusted bids in advance for any needed repairs or cleaning, you can decide for instance, to maximize the sales price of an inherited property by doing needed improvements. Also, we can take the mystery out of “fixer” properties by helping buyers understand the cost of repairs in advance. These bids will also enable us to communicate effectively with a court appointed Probate Referee who may not have accurate information. As Referees do not enter the premises, our bids and interior photos can help them create an accurate appraisal, therefore maximizing the sales price.

    ◦ Your property listing will enjoy the same level of marketing that any of our listings do. A few examples are:
    ◦ Staging furniture or decluttering suggestions to maximize impact on buyers.
    ◦ Professional photography, video walk through and often video.
    ◦ Social media ads and constant exposure through a variety of platforms.
    ◦ High quality marketing materials.
    ◦ Individual website for your property listing.
    ◦ Activity monitoring, reports, buyer feedback and any other information you or your legal team may need.

    We do hope this summary of our services related to Inheritance and Probate will make you feel comfortable and at ease with the knowledge that our team can and will be leading or behind you, every step of the way. Please reach out to us for just a conversation, a consultation or visit to the property.

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