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‘The Christmas Card,’ featuring Nevada City, returns just in time for holidays

What’s become an annual holiday tradition more many locals returns tomorrow, when “The Christmas Card,” filmed in Nevada City, will be broadcast at 9 a.m. Wednesday on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

The full-length movie features many area landmarks, such as downtown Nevada City and the Yuba River. Filmed in 2006, the film stars Ed Asner, John Newton and Alice Evans.

“A soldier serving in Afghanistan is deeply touched by an anonymous Christmas card sent by a woman in California,” IMDb describes the film. “Upon completion of his tour of duty, he returns to the United States on a romantic mission to find the woman who wrote the card.”

As the backdrop to the film, bucolic Nevada City and its surrounding scenery has drawn many visitors to the area because of the movie’s popularity.

“It’s the biggest promotion this town has ever seen,” longtime Nevada City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cathy Whittlesey told The Union in 2017. “It’s unbelievable to me. Every week someone comes into the chamber office and says, ‘I’m here because of the movie ‘The Christmas Card.’”

Longtime local historian Steve Cottrell shared the story “How Nevada City became ‘The Christmas Card’” for The Union in December 2021.

Former editor of The Union Pat Butler penned a personal column about his introduction to Asner, easily the most recognized member of the cast while the film crew as in town.

“Ed Asner, television and movie star and social activist, was the center of attention on Sunday evening when the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce held a reception for the cast and crew of the Hallmark movie “The Christmas Card.”

“The buzz on the street the night before was that Ed Asner wouldn’t be there,” Butler wrote. “Someone even bet me a buck that he would not make it. In fact, the 76-year-old Kansas City native who is still built like a powerhouse was among the first to trudge through the snow and slush to attend the reception.
“For the next 90 minutes, Ed Asner would show us all what a class act is all about.”

Those unable to watch the film Wednesday morning, or forget to set their DVR to record it, can catch it again at 6 a.m. Saturday morning on the Hallmark Movie Channel. The film is also available for on demand viewing at Dish Network, as well as various streaming services.

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