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What’s in your trash cans? Waste Management, county officials join Nevada County Community Forum to talk change in garbage collection

Big changes are coming to your trash cans in 2024, as Nevada County works to implement a California state law that will require the separation of food waste and organic material from your garbage.

On Friday, Nov. 17, the Nevada County Community Forum will host a discussion on what the new law will mean to you, with Waste Management District Manager Larry Picard, Public Sector Manager Shavati Karki-Pearl and Nevada County Solid Waste Program Manager David Garcia.

Larry Picard

Shavati Karki-Pearl

David Garcia

“California SB 1383 is intended to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and slow the effects of climate change by reducing the amount of organic materials,” according to Waste Management’s website.

“SB 1383 is the most significant landfill waste reduction mandate adopted in California in the last 30 years,” the website states. “Its goal is to reduce organics waste landfill disposal by 75% (from 2014 levels) by 2025. This means diverting more than 20 million tons from landfills. The legislation aims to slow climate change by diverting organic materials from landfills, recovering 20% of edible food and redirecting it to food-insecure Californians.”

The law was passed in 2016 and took effect in some parts of the state in 2022, though Nevada County begins to implement the changes with its planned completion of its $22 million McCourtney Road Transfer Station renovation project. According to the county, the project will reconfigure facilities to meet the law’s requirements as well as to alleviate traffic congestion at the site. Construction, which began in May, will be completed in phases.

The forum will also include discussion on where our trash ultimately ends up after collection at residences and the transfer station, as well as changes to the recycling industry, including buyback programs and what materials are accepted for recycling.

The talk will be the fifth in an ongoing series of forum discussions on issues of local interest. Previous talks hosted by the Nevada County Community Forum began with an overview of our water infrastructure by Nevada Irrigation District General Manager Jennifer Hanson in July. Sheriff Shannan Moon, in August, discussed the difficult challenges posed by evacuating the community in the event of wildfire. In September, Dr. Scott Neely, CEO of Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, shared insight on the financial challenges faced by rural hospitals.

Last month, Phil Irwin of Gold Insurance Solutions, and a California FAIR Plan representative, discussed how the FAIR Plan provides last resort home insurance to thousands of homeowners statewide.

Following the Nov. 17 event, the monthly discussions, organized by the forum’s steering committee and hosted by the Sierra College Foundation, are planned to resume in the new year after a December pause for the holiday season.

WHAT: Nevada County Community Forum on coming changes to garbage/recycling in 2024
WHO: Waste Management and Nevada County officials talk with Brian Hamilton, former editor of The Union newspaper
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 17
WHERE: Sierra College, Nevada County campus, N-17 auditorium

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